How military kids are supporting other military children



This is a very exciting time for my granddaughters,Ivie and Bailey, and myself.  We completed writing  their book- Deployed Kids  and now we have a new website for military children.

After my granddaughter’s, completed their book -Deployed Kids, we talked about how we could further help support military kids. We felt what was needed was a website for military kids to connect with other military kids, like themselves. This enables my granddaughters to share with their peers, how they handle having  parents in the military.  Military kids face many challenges- a military lifestyle, parents deploying and frequent household moves. Children experiencing their parents’ deployment face the  loss of a parent’s personal involvement of their daily routine. Even though these military children’s parents are absent from their children’s daily routine, most children are extremely proud of their parents.

Deployed Kids website will have blog posts of Ivie and Bailey  sharing their thoughts of what they have learned having  their parents in the military. How they cope with their parents past and future deployments. They will include how they presently do not live on a military base, their after school  activities,their plans for summer  and  personal tips of keeping  positive outlook, even when you are dealing with a parent’s deployment. They want other military kids to know how special they are. They too, are serving our Country!

These Kids are the Force  behind our Force.

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