How to motivate a teenager?

Being a guardian or caregiver to a teenager can be the most frustrating experience. Especially  when they don’t follow  through with what they have been told to do.

I am  in charge when my son in law is fulfilling  his National Guard weekends and trainings. This type of part time parenting is very different and can be very challenging.

Teenagers are rough to deal with. I learned when my children became teenagers I had to keep  them at arms length, because they can hurt your feelings. Teenagers are dealing with their own issues and they have many hormonal issues and feelings that keep them from thinking straight and being the child you once knew.

So motivating them to do things they are not interested in, can me challenging. Here is what I learned-

1. Yelling at them does not work

2. Repeating yourself demands does not work

3. Threatening them does not work

What works? What do they love doing? When I was young it was talking on the telephone. For my children hanging out  with their friends.

For my eldest granddaughter, Ivie its  her Iphone and going places with her friends. For the youngest granddaughter, Bailey, we IPAD  ( she bought with her own money). Taking those items away impacts them. So its simple.  I tell them what to do, if its not done, I will give them a warning. I have a 3 strikes your out method ( like baseball) If I have to say it 3 times. I take a privilege away. That’s motivation.  Kids need to learn consequences for their actions. If they do not learn they will not be responsible adults.

I will say I do not like having to disciple them, but I do owe it them. So be strong and follow through. Someday your grandchild will say thanking for loving them so much, by disciplining them.

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