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“My family really does come first. It always did and always will.”- Meryl Streep and I agree!

It had been over 15 years since I helped with homework and I was an average student.

I thought to myself-OK it can’t be that bad. But I was wrong. I knew I was in trouble when Ivie came home from school and said “Grandma I need to know how to calculate metrics in these math problems”. Oh boy! I said “Ivie I never learned metrics” Ivie looked panicked, “but your Grandpa uses metrics everyday at work”. Thank Goodness! She then looked relieved.

When Alan came home from work they went running to him. He was so excited to see them. Ivie then asked him about metrics, Alan said sure I will show you how to figure that out. Ivie turned and smiled at me.

excerpt from the book – Deployed Grandparents being Parents