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Week one with our daughter gone

The first two days we all felt like our daughter would be coming home any minute.

This reminds me of a death in the family. Then you realize that  person is not going to come home for a long time. You miss that person so much. Its painful, but we know it is temporary, but that does not make feel any better.

The morning after our  daughter left  my eldest granddaughter Ivie  was annoyed with her sister and started fighting. When I tried to talk to her she would not look me in the eyes, that’s  when I knew she was upset. After sometime in her room I went to speak to her. She would not look at me and then I deliberately bent down so she would look me in the eyes. And once she looked me in the eyes, she began to cry. I hugged her and told her I was sad also I began to cry with her. I shared with her that I too missed her mother especially because she is my daughter.

I believe you must be honest and share your true feelings even when it hurts to say it.

I think teenagers have a really tough time dealing with  a parent separation. Even though teenagers want to be on there own doing there own thing. But really they want to have their parent around, even if they don’t care for all the rules.

As for children in elementary school. My granddaughter told me she has to be brave. Just hearing those words makes me sad and proud how hard she is trying to adjust. I try and make an effort to really listen when she is talking.

Great Grandparents caregiving their grandchildren

I am fortunate to have very healthy parents. My mom offered to stay with my granddaughters, while my son in law traveled overseas to visit our daughter. My granddaughters were so excited to have my mother come visit them and spend a week together.I wondered how many great grandchildren get this opportunity?  My mom is going to learn how this generation handles day to day life.

My granddaughters did  get to know my grandmother, their great, great grandmother. We had many fun times together.

I think this really gives kids a great foundation of  family life. I hope someday to know my great,great grandchildren. We will see what happens!