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A deployed grandmother asked me “When will I stop crying?”

I attended the 640th Aviation Battalion Predeployment  Yellow Ribbon event on Saturday.There were over 1,000 soldiers and their families totaling 1600 attendees.  I had the opportunity to speak to 1600 attendees and had a table display table to pass out my information. I passed out the must needed items when you have your grandchildren coming to live with you called – Guardian Pre Deployment List.

These family members had grandparents that were working, retired and  even divorced, but joined together to support their son or daughter deploying to Iraq for a year. One grandmother shared with me she couldn’t stop crying. She asked me when will that stop? I told her that I cried when my daughter  left and periodically through out her deployment. I think it’s a grieving process. Knowing you will miss your child,  feeling the pain for your child not being their child, and the separation for your grandchild and their parent.

I have talked to other deployed grandmas and they all said they cried and at times when they did not expect it. I think it’s good to get it out of your system. When you can’t express your emotions it eats you up inside.

And if the grandkids see you cry, tell them you are missing their mom too! Or if they are very young children, just tell them you are sad. I believe if your honest and communicate you will then become strong.  The first month is the most emotional because you are trying to sort out your feelings and  adjusting to your new role. After the second month I started to really gain my own inner strength.

I would  visualize having a happy home life with my grandkids. And over time I cried less often.

Picture your self having fun with your grandkids, an it will be become a reality.