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How to stay connected with your Grandchildren through today’s technology

I have been the type of person that was  not that interested in  technology when it became available. Partly because I like simple and quick results and did not want to take the time to learn the new processes. In business I was open to it but not in my personal life. I look back I think I just did not feel I had the time at home to just sit down and take the time . My husband had always encouraged me to learn, but I leaned on  him to deal with those technology issues. I know I was lucky he did it for me at that time. But one day he told  me I had to learn how to use these different types of technology, and  he was not going to continue doing it for me. I knew he was right.

I began to change my mindset and decided to become open to learning something new.

My granddaughters would tell me about their IPOD and when they came to visit they showed me how they could listen to music and watch movies. They also used DS’s which had games they played they taught me how to play, but I was not very good at it.  They would uses these  devises  when they had  car and airplane rides . My granddaughters saved their own money to buy their IPODS, and DS’s. And they take very ggod care of them.

When were were back in our own homes I missed talking to them . I enjoy keeping in touch with my granddaughters and learning what they are doing in school, friends and their dance lessons.

We started emailing to each other . My youngest granddaughter emails me daily. It’s fun just reading some of her comments and most of the time she makes me laugh. One day in one of her email ‘s during the week she wrote a list of items she was to complete. And here is what se wrote-

1. Finish  home work….Check

2. Work on school project…. Check

3. Email G-ma…Check

What are you doing G-ma?

They call us G-ma and G-pa  abbreviation for Grandma and Grandpa when they email us.

In our emails to one another we exchange the weather of where we are at, what we are doing that day, and sometimes she send me the cutest pictures of puppies and kittens. We have such a good time sharing with one another and what we have been up to. Sometimes I thing our emailing back and forth we share more about what we are really thinking and feeling then if we were talking. And that’s saying something because we all love to talk.

I am glad I decided to be open with technology . I have so many ways to communicate today. When  your grandkids live long distance you have so many choices to how to keep connected.

Keeping up with what your grandchildren’s technology for communication is key to staying connected with them.

Red Cross of Southern California has help for the deployed families


I had the opportunity to share my story with the Red Cross last week .

My understanding of  the Red Cross  is to assist the military families when the families needed a message sent to their deployed family member and visa verse, which is true. What I have also learned  is that the Red Cross has many other responsibilities  for the  deployed military.

Helping deployed families get assistance in many capacities. They have available information for deployed families with preschool children that have their parent deployed. Materials on how to understand how the deployed military person will think, when returning back from their tour of duty. Books on how what the military family member will be going through when they return.

When my daughter returned I thought it would be like Christmas, everyone happy and excited to be together again. Part of this is true  for the families members waiting for their loved one to return. But for the deployed returning they did not want this type of  attention given to them for doing their job, this is a very tough transition for them. I had to learn this the hard way.  My daughter was in an a very intense environment with close relationships with her counter parts feeling the same way she did. The serviceperson knows they are totally on their game, doing what they were trained for, and doing it well. A feeling of outstanding achievement. Coming home the transition  felt so meaningless for her in the beginning. Our lifestyle here in the states, we complain about things, and really don’t understand what life and death really means. Who wouldn’t have a hard time with readjusting back to our society? I surely would.

But the Red Cross has information to help you. Contact your local Red Cross and access what will help you get your loved one back on track.

One thing I did was to try and ask my daughter how she was feeling. I let her take the lead and share what she wanted to. She told me in the beginning she did not feel like she fit in here, and was concerned how she was going to raise her children. But in time she adjusted and so did we. It took her 3 weeks to start opening up about her feelings. This is not an over night fix, it took months until she really could connect like she once did prior to deployment.

Be patient. Take time with your loved one to understand what they are going through.

I am looking forward to working with the Red Cross  and helping those parents and families members with deployment. Striving to share what the Red Cross has to offer the resources for military families.

Deployed Grandparents

I am a working empty nester grandmother that became a care giver to her granddaughters, when our USAF daughter was deployed to Afghanistan. The children had to adjust to a non military lifestyle and moving to our home in another state. My role changed from being a grandmother to an acting parent with all the responsibilities. Our daughter faced the separation and feeling of disconnection of her role as a mother. We faced many challenges, and gained a greater understanding of what military families face when their love ones are deployed. We did not know when our daughter returned, how challenging it would be to reconnect her to her children and her old lifestyle, even though she did not experience trauma. I have written a book soon to be published book “Deployed Grandparents being Parents”, my personal journey during this time. Hoping this will help others that are care giving children. Even though our daughter has returned we face the possibility of future deployments, so our journey will continue..

Debbie Nichols