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Happy Father’s day Here’s to those Dad’s raising their children alone

I think our media does not cover how many dad’s are raising their children today.

I have a  high school friend of mine Don,who’s wife walked out on him and his children in the late 80’s. Don’s  daughter was 5 year old girl and his son was 9 year old boy at the time. Don had a very demanding corporate career at that time  and had to adjust his life to balance his career and additional family responsibility. It was so hard for him because he always wanted to married and have a family.

For many years Done was alone raising his children, address all the issues of single parenting, without any support. Most people don’t think of dad’s raising children and mother abandoning  her children.

Don divorced his wife. He’s ex-wife was uninterested in being a mother any more, she id not visit her children or   contact the children on their birthdays or holidays. Don never spoke badly of his ex-wife around his children. He could have.

Don learned how to braid his daughter”s hair before school. He involved  his children in  Boy Scouts,Girl Scouts, Soccer, after high school sports. He took his kids camping , and boating. Together they had many fun adventures.

Don remarried while his children were in grammar school. His wife Barbara  was as committed to supporting the children, but not wanting the children to feel she was taking the place of their mother.

Don’s children are grown adults now, college grads and both are happily married. I know how grateful they are to their father for raising them and showing his love to them.

Today is Father’s Day, so  here is to all those dad’s that took the time to raise and enjoy their children!


How are you spending Mothers Day?








This year is a very different year for our family.

First, our Air Force daughter was to deploy, and that was cancelled, thank goodness! Secondly, my father was to have surgery  Friday before  Mother’s day, so we cancelled our plans to get together. We thought, lets celebrate Mother’s- Father’s day and combine them together.

Today, my dad’s  surgery was rescheduled for next week.

So we have decided to keep the plans for celebrating Mother’s and combining it with Father’s day!

I am learning in life to be flexible, you can celebrate in way you want when it come to holidays.

In the past my family would all get together ( 25 of us) and the guys would make us breakfast for us Mothers. The kids created a menu and they would wait on us like a restaurant. The husband’s did the cooking and clean up. It was fun. But this year combining the Mothers- Father’s day we informed  the kids, its all up to you! They are not so sure of this was such a good idea.

My husband Alan, asked what I wanted to do on Mother’s day. My kids are unable to come over. I was not sure, I love bike riding along the beach, swimming in the pool, and going to the movies. I have been thinking maybe this is the weekend we could  try out kayaking in the back bay. We have always talked about it trying this out.

No matter what I do  I appreciate that I can celebrate having my mom and dad. How you end up celebrating Mother’s Day enjoy the moment!

You can have everyone get involved. You keep the cost done and everyone enjoys being a part of the plans. Or if you are alone just be thankful for what you have today and the memories of the past.


My granddaughter is finalist- Military Child of the Year- Air Force

Being a mom was rewarding, but being a grandma is the ultimate! And having others recognize your grandchildren efforts is such an a humbling feeling.

My granddaughter Bailey is a finalist for Operation Home Front – Military Child of the Year. She was selected   for her  efforts helping military families. Going to  Yellow Ribbon events, speaking, blogging on their website http://deployedkids.com and writing their book- Deployed Kids/ How we survived our mom’s deployment

She wanted other militray kids not to be sacred when their parent deploys.

Most military children can not talk about their parents deployment. It’s so hard for kids to talk to others about their loss, it is like a death. Then the feeling of being alone, not having anyone that can support and understand you.

I believe talking with my grandchildren and having them share their fears helps them face the fears. And now my granddaughters are sensitive to others, because of what they have gone through.

There are 20 very deserving finalists for Military Child of the Year- Air Force. Just being a finalist she is a winner to me!

If we start our children out young to see the needs of our society, and to help others, our world would be a better place!