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My granddaughter is finalist- Military Child of the Year- Air Force

Being a mom was rewarding, but being a grandma is the ultimate! And having others recognize your grandchildren efforts is such an a humbling feeling.

My granddaughter Bailey is a finalist for Operation Home Front – Military Child of the Year. She was selected   for her  efforts helping military families. Going to  Yellow Ribbon events, speaking, blogging on their website http://deployedkids.com and writing their book- Deployed Kids/ How we survived our mom’s deployment

She wanted other militray kids not to be sacred when their parent deploys.

Most military children can not talk about their parents deployment. It’s so hard for kids to talk to others about their loss, it is like a death. Then the feeling of being alone, not having anyone that can support and understand you.

I believe talking with my grandchildren and having them share their fears helps them face the fears. And now my granddaughters are sensitive to others, because of what they have gone through.

There are 20 very deserving finalists for Military Child of the Year- Air Force. Just being a finalist she is a winner to me!

If we start our children out young to see the needs of our society, and to help others, our world would be a better place!


Redeployment- Here we go again!

My daughter received orders she will be deploying again this Spring. We knew this was a possibility but now it’s a reality. What will be different is the children will stay in their home with their step father. They feel it’s best to keep the kids in their own surroundings, and I have to agree. I will commute when they need me to help out. I figure it will be once a month for about a week.

My granddaughters are taking the news well, but the youngest one now 10, doesn’t remember much about the last deployment. The eldest is 14 years old and is very busy with high school and dance. She is happy she can stay in her school doesn’t have to move away from her friends.

I think this could be my next chapter -” Mobile Grandma”. I am still working in the transportation & logistics  industry. And volunteering my time to Yellow Ribbon events. In fact this coming weekend I will have my first workshop for military spouses and families dealing with deployment.

My deployment  emotions are coming back again. Concerns for my daughter’s safety, the well being of my grandchildren and now hoping my daughter’s husband can handle this. Sometimes, I think  redeployment can be worse . I know the feeling of loss and a void in your lives. And on the other hand,I  know I can handle it!

I know all military families face what we are about to.

Stay tuned!