How my granddaughter relieved my stress.


In the past most of my communications was done one on one on the telephone. Once I completed writing my book I began to learn  what social networking was all about. I am still learning since this is a median that is ever changing.

I have had a blog site and face book page Grandparents being Parents since I completed my book Deployed Grandparents being Parents. I have shared my progress with my granddaughters, Ivie and Bailey since I launched my book.

My eldest granddaughter, Ivie has been trying to convince her mother, my daughter to allow her to have her own face book page, so she can communicate with both sides of the family.  My daughter like most parents are very concerned with the internet, media and  exposure to children.  Ivie has shown  a high level of maturity and  responsibility, so my daughter came to an agreement. My daughter would monitor her face book.

While I was on line and posting an update on my face book page  Grandparents being Parents I receive a popup. Chat window opened up and it said from  Ivie and her message said “Hi Grandma how are you?” This made my day. I had never used this chat method. Due to being on a computer all day long, chatting seemed to be just to much for me. But this was different. This was with my granddaughter. I wrote back to her but could not figure out how to send it. I tried several times and became frustrated. So I logged on to her  face book and posted  a message it to her, asking her for help. Ivie then responded back on the chat telling me what to do. Checking in with me and seeing how I was doing.

Kids today seem to work out issues with social networking much better than my generation. I guess we were so use to having instructions. I was always fearful I would screw up my computer. I have created so much stress for myself.

I think I will continue to have my granddaughter give me pointers with my networking. My granddaughter is so patient with me and she is so proud that she can help me.

I would have never thought my grandchildren would teach me a thing or two. I look forward to learning more from them.

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