Michelle Obama responded to my letter


I sent my book to  President Obama, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, and the joints Chiefs of Staff of all Military Branches. I wrote to them to bring awareness of  families supporting their family members serving deployments. I understand Michelle Obama and Jill Biden have become more involved with trying to understand what is needed to support our military and their families. There are so many issues to address. I felt privileged they answered my letter.

In my letter I  offered to help educate, share, coach those military families that face the challenges I faced, when we were guardians of our grandchildren. Deployment effects the entire family. A civilian like myself, living not near a military base. You are isolated and  are in your own war zone. Trying to adjust to the new responsibilities, trying to hide your fear, and having a smiling face to the outside world is a tremendous part you have to play.

I hope someday I can key note speak. Share I learned  dealing with deployment and making that time with my granddaughters a special time.

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