Star and Stripes newspaper article has arrived!


Teri Weaver the reporter for Stars and Stripes newspaper took the time to  interview our entire family. She asked us many questions about our experiences with deployment and I think her article really educates the reader. One of my friends called and said this article was so interesting.

The article was published on Nov. 27 in Stars and Stripes online newspaper.  Stars and Stripes has given me permission to share this article with you. I hope you enjoy reading- “Grandparents play vital role for many families during wartime deployments”.

This is such an honor for our family and all those “deployed grandparents”, raising their grandchildren while their loved one is serving  our Country.

I think our government and military are starting to become aware, how grandparents are playing a very important role for the family during deployment.

Those grandparents may not know that they are keeping their  family grounded during deployment.  I surely didn’t when my daughter was deployed. I just wanted my granddaughters and my daughter to have  a positive experience with deployment.

“Article used with permission from Stars and Stripes.  © 2010 Stars and Stripes.”

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