How Military Children’s Charity (MCC) organization is supporting deployed children

This nonprofit organization is founded by a young teenager, Isaiah  Navarro seeing the need to help deployed military children. He felt  deployed children have special needs when a parents is deployed. Being a military child himself, he said he know the challenges and feelings of isolation,abandoned  and having a parent  absent of all your school activates when his father deploys. Concentrating in school is difficult for deployed children because they are concerned of their parent’s safety.

Isaiah began by collecting funds to purchase gifts for the deployed children. MCC first started by distributing Christmas gifts in Southern California with assistance by the Family Readiness Officers of the Marines.  MCC is planning on expanding into a  National presence with all military branches providing gifts all year round for deployed children.

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My granddaughters were visiting during Spring break a few weeks ago and had an opportunity to meet Isaiah and his mother Cherie. Isaiah and his mother presented my granddaughters  gifts and thanked them for all so serving our Country, knowing what they sacrificed during their mother’s deployment. My granddaughters were so excited to accept their gifts. They were giggling and laughing. What a wonderful experience for military children.

Isaiah’s mother Cherie ,has provided Isaiah great support and have helped build Isaiah a strong self esteem.   I am proud to know such a fine young man and a wonderful organization. I look forward  in the future to helping him support his dream. You can too at:

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