My parents joined me with my grandkids


My granddaughters came to visit us last week during their summer vacation. My eldest granddaughter, Ivie invited her friend Christiana to come spend the day with us.  Ivie meet  Christiana in school when my granddaughters lived with us during my daughter’s deployment. The two of them have kept in touch with each other over the years via email.

I  decided to take the girls  to the beach and go bicycle riding. The youngest granddaughter does not know how to ride a bike, so I thought about renting a bicycle for all of us. They have these four to six seat bicycles at Huntington Beach pier for rent. I have my own bike and Alan and I ride our bikes on weekends along the beach and  we have seen others on these special bikes. So I thought this would be a perfect time for us to try this out. I found out quickly these bikes  are a bit hard to ride, since my legs are very long, and I did get a good workout! We would all talk while were riding along the beach. We had a bell on the handle bars and a break to stop. We would ring the bell if someone was in our way. 

My mom and dad decided they wanted to join us, so they brought their bicycles and meet up with us. We rode along along the beach and up to this hill top point in Huntington Beach. Down below is a beach for dogs. It’s fun watching the dogs run and play with one another. When we rode back and down the hill the girls all laughed and screamed.

We had so much fun that day!

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