Becoming a parent to my granddaughters, again!

Our daughter will be taking a new assignment and that means I am back being a parent to my granddaughters. Its been 5 years since our daughter deployed when her children came to live with us. At that time, my husband and I were totally unprepared for becoming our granddaughter’s guardians. But we love our granddaughters and  wanted to be there for them. It’s the same today.

But this time I will be a mobile grandma.Traveling out of state. The kids will be  staying with their stepfather and in their home. My son in law is a wonderful person. He was my daughter’s boyfriend when our she deployed, 5 years ago. He stepped in and supported my granddaughters and built a solid relationship. Over the years he has built a good relationship between my granddaughters. But becoming a single parent is challenging for anyone, especially a step dad.

This time I plan on going and staying for extended time very month. I have given a lot of thought about how we need to establish a system, so my granddaughters feel connected to my husband and I again. Along with allowing my son in law time for himself, to rest and know we are here to support him.

How we are going to do this I am unsure, just like 5 years ago. All I know is we love our daughter,granddaughters, and our son in law And we all want our daughter not to worry and her to do a great job.

Our love and faith in God will get us through this.




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