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The grandkids are back, but I am mobile!

It’s happening again. Our daughter is leaving for a lengthy assignment.

This time the granddaughters are staying in their home with their step dad. He is a great guy and wonderful caregiver to our granddaughters. In fact, my granddaughters dedicated their book ,Deployed Kids to him when he was our daughter’s boy friend.

This time I will be commuting once a month to Arizona to help out. It’s going to be very different this time while my daughter is away. But we have known this was coming for some time. No matter how prepared you are for a loved leaving, your not prepared for all that you have to do when they are gone.

While she is away, my granddaughters and I are working together on having our own  radio on demand show on thenew  Military Appreciation Channel. Our show will be called – Families Called to Duty. Our show should be aired in January. It is so much fun working with my granddaughters on something so worthwhile.

Thank goodness for technology so I can be mobile.


How are you spending Mothers Day?








This year is a very different year for our family.

First, our Air Force daughter was to deploy, and that was cancelled, thank goodness! Secondly, my father was to have surgery  Friday before  Mother’s day, so we cancelled our plans to get together. We thought, lets celebrate Mother’s- Father’s day and combine them together.

Today, my dad’s  surgery was rescheduled for next week.

So we have decided to keep the plans for celebrating Mother’s and combining it with Father’s day!

I am learning in life to be flexible, you can celebrate in way you want when it come to holidays.

In the past my family would all get together ( 25 of us) and the guys would make us breakfast for us Mothers. The kids created a menu and they would wait on us like a restaurant. The husband’s did the cooking and clean up. It was fun. But this year combining the Mothers- Father’s day we informed  the kids, its all up to you! They are not so sure of this was such a good idea.

My husband Alan, asked what I wanted to do on Mother’s day. My kids are unable to come over. I was not sure, I love bike riding along the beach, swimming in the pool, and going to the movies. I have been thinking maybe this is the weekend we could  try out kayaking in the back bay. We have always talked about it trying this out.

No matter what I do  I appreciate that I can celebrate having my mom and dad. How you end up celebrating Mother’s Day enjoy the moment!

You can have everyone get involved. You keep the cost done and everyone enjoys being a part of the plans. Or if you are alone just be thankful for what you have today and the memories of the past.


Youngest granddaughter’s upcoming birthday party

My granddaughter, Bailey will be celebrating her 11th birthday very soon.  She asked me if I could come to her birthday party, my answer was.. ” Of course I will be there!” I asked her what will we be doing for your birthday? She said “I am having a rollerskating party. I have invited a some friends”. I tld her” I know how to roller skate”. I then shared with her  how her mom(her  great grandmother) when her mother  was a little girl, our entire family  went rollerskating at a roller rink every Sunday.

My dad( her great grandfather) and his brother( my uncle Leo) roller skated when they were young. My Uncle Leo was a floor guard at a roller rink and he took his brother( my dad) to the roller rink every weekend. Needless to say the two of them were incredible roller skaters. My dad could dance on roller skates with my mom, skating in  any direction they wanted to. As a kid I loved it. As an adult my dad would skate with me, it was so much fun…Today my uncle has passed away. My dad is in his late 70″s and is fearful of falling and breaking something, which I understand. My granddaughter listed to my story with great interest.

My granddaughter told me I could go skating with her if I wear  neon clothing, because that is what all of her friends were going to wear. Well I should have saved those 80’s outfits! Wish me luck in finding something to wear and hopefully I won’t fall!