How I stay connected with my granddaughters

I have always enjoyed playing with dolls and as a child the only thing I wanted was a doll for Christmas. My grandmother would make my doll clothes for my new doll  and matching pajamas.

I had a business trip in the late 1990’s and while I was on the plane a  woman sat next to me, she told me about this incredible new store in Chicago called American Girl Store. I could hardly wait to go see this store. So I had 2 hours to spare between meetings and I went to the American Girl store. When I entered the store  I felt like a child myself. When I saw all the dolls to choose from, the clothes and accessories I was hooked. I bought a doll for my granddaughter and a doll for myself. Then a new American Girl store opened Los Angeles. This was a a few years ago. When  my granddaughters came to visit me we made a trip to the American Girls store. I had my mom and my great aunt join us. My great aunt now owns her own American Girl doll! She is 89 years old.

American Girl store

Over the years I have bought American Girl dolls for my granddaughters. When visiting my granddaughters I would bring my doll, Molly. My granddaughters and I would play with our dolls together. We would act out with our dolls, be at fashion models, gymnastic Olympic competitions, having friends sleep over, etc.

before arriving at my  granddaughters, my youngest granddaughter Bailey, would  remind me to bring my doll Molly with me. I never really thought about how we were connected by playing with our dolls, until yesterday. I  dress my doll for seasonal changes ,and my doll has a  Halloween  Cat costume. Bailey emailed me the other day  asking me what I was planning on doing this weekend. I told her I was going to get out my Halloween decorations and I was going to dress Molly in her Halloween costume. Later that day my granddaughter replied to my email, informing me that she had picked out her dolls Halloween costumes explaining in detail what she was going to dress her three dolls in for Halloween, including on her older sister’s American Girl doll.

I thought how fun we have  sharing a common interest. This is how you build a strong communication with children by sharing a common interest. It can be any thing, but try and find something you both will enjoy.

christmas 2010 007This is a picture of last Christmas opening up their American Girl from my husband and I.

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