My granddaughters and I are Community Partners at Military Yellow Ribbon events

This was an exciting time for my granddaughters and I to be able to talk with our peers about our experiences with deployment and what to expect. EVERYONE HAS CHANGED!


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We were invited as a Community Partner for the Army Reserves there were 40 Community Partners. Each partner provides services to assist the solider  be it- financial, health, emotional challenges, continued education, and my granddaughters and I – family support. My granddaughters were excited, these had their own display table and badges! They enjoyed setting up their own display table. and speaking to families and kids about their book, and video they made. My youngest granddaughter Bailey purchases her own IPAD. She was demoing the Deployed Kids website! I can tell you they were the hit of the Community Partners.


Somehow I was to busy speaking with families and enjoying how my granddaughters interacted with other military children and families , I forgot to  take a picture of my display! Oh well we will be together next month at another Yellow Ribbon event in Phoenix. I will remember to take a picture

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